Down syndrome Association of Australia

Down Syndrome Australia was established in 2011 as the peak body for people with Down syndrome in Australia. Please contact your relevant state body for further information on Down syndrome in Australia.

Down Syndrome Association of NSW

Down Syndrome NSW (DS NSW) champions the right of people with Down syndrome to have the same access to society as everyone else.  This means the right to health, education, work, family and being part of the community.

Down Syndrome Association of Victoria

Down Syndrome Victoria is a membership organisation. We provide parents, families, professionals and friends of people with Down syndrome with support, encouragement, information and resources.

Down Syndrome Association of Qld

The Down Syndrome Association of Queensland is a registered charity established by parents in 1976 and provides a range of services and supports throughout the large and diverse state of Queensland.

Down Syndrome Association of ACT

The ACT Down Syndrome Association is a self help organisation which was formed in 1987 by a group of interested parents. The aims of the Association are to provide support and information to families with a member who has Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Association of SA

Down Syndrome SA is a state wide service established in 1974. We support people with Down syndrome, their families and carers by offering a broad range of services, from Early Intervention and Family Support, through to preschool and school support to post secondary Life Education, vital leisure and recreation and respite programs and training and development for education and allied health professionals.

Down Syndrome Association of WA

Down Syndrome WA provides support and information to people with Down syndrome, their families, and to those in the community who support them. We believe all people with Down syndrome should have the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as everyone else and be supported to make meaningful decisions and choices about their own lives.

Contact your state association for more information on Down syndrome...