Do you remember this day two years ago? We shared with the world that our newborn was ‘rockin’ 47 chromosomes’.

Yes two years on and we are still rockin’ on as a family, and while a lot has changed, really not much has, other than Emmy having “I’m almost four attitude” and Leo being a tornado!

I remember when we made the “social announcement” being excited but the same time anxious, see it’s not in either of our natures to display our lives on social media, but it wasn’t a matter of choice we knew we had to share this journey.

You see in the fifty days prior to EMMYSBROTHERLEO's debut, it felt like we were in hiding. Daily, a flurry of “are you ok?” “How’s he doing?” messages came in from friends who knew and all out of genuine concern of course.

World Down Syndrome Say 2019

It was then we realised people genuinely cared and were interested about what the future held for our family, and EMMYSBROTHERLEO was born.

I remember wondering at the time of that post would we be judged or how many people are zooming in on their screens to look at his eyes ... such small insecurities in the big scheme of things.

But we chose 21st March because it’s World Down Syndrome Day and wanted to celebrate that extra chromosome!

While we acknowledge all families have their struggles, we try and embrace the ups and downs and we hope that our positivity rubs off. It’s not about the “likes” or number of followers, it just our contribution and a way of saying 'keep going, and never give up'.

Through Facebook and Instagram we have connected with so many people, some who are on a similar journey, some who reach out for help and then those who just message to say “I’m stalking your page" and thank us for our openness.

We said at the start if we could help one person it has done its job. Well not a week goes by now without contact from someone which reinforces why we beam our life out to the world.

We don’t receive the secret “hows he doing?” messages anymore, people aren’t afraid to use the word “normal” and to most we are just that, a “normal family”.

So on this special day, thanks for not only supporting Ds, thanks for supporting us!

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