Maybe it's because of my occupation but anyone who knows me will be aware I am a "need to know person" and I will consume myself for hours or days looking for answers. Firstly I admit I had no idea about Down syndrome, I'd never even met someone with Ds (other than Leo) ... so lucky enough Rod and friends starting telling me the most amazing people who were in their lives who had it and I did some googling.

The first week Leo was home we had a visit from Down Syndrome NSW who simply said " just enjoy your baby", I closed the iPad and decided to not spend my days trolling the internet for worst case scenarios and just focused on Leo and Emmy, and the reality is I have two kids under 2, I don't have time to brush my teeth some days so google was pushed aside.

So yes we have been busy, lots of visitors and medical appointments including paediatrician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, hearing tests, hip ultrasound and so on, what an experience these have been!

The newborn hearing test was a huge challenge, three hours long and consisting of a number of probes fixed to Leo's head and while he slept through the whole thing, while poor old mum struggled to stay awake ... really, putting any mum into a dark quiet room for three hours what do you think is going to happen ... I'm sure I nodded off a few times!

Anyways Leo powered through the appointments with no issues, just follow up appointments in 12 months.

So home life has definitely changed as any parent with either a first or additional children will attest to, it's like a production line of feeding, nappies, sleeping, rinse and repeat!

At times Rod's and my conversations have been a little more transactional than we'd like, "who needs to be fed, bathed, changed?", but we still have time to chat about our days and importantly watch Married at First Sight (by the way Rod is obsessed with mindless distraction as much as me!)

Additionally Leo has unofficially been diagnosed with "second child syndrome" ... like all parents we are all so perfect and careful with our firstborn and more relaxed with every subsequent child, and we are the same Leo!

I feel somewhat guilty talking to other new mums because Leo doesn't cry ... um yes, never cries! So luckily I have a portable bassinet that I wheel around the house because the monitor is useless. The lack of crying means that I have to turn my super mum hearing on during the night.

The first few nights he was home I woke up to him wiggling in his bassinet and thought "gee I wonder how long he has been awake waiting for a feed?!" . Fortunately I only had to endure a few overnight feeds because he has slept through since about 4 weeks ... Ds bubs are known to be good sleepers, if only Leo could teach Emmy to do the same, while he happily sleeps through Emmy who is teething wakes constantly!

So other than adjusting to two kids, life is pretty cruisy, we aren't housebound like some people think, we still go out for dinner - not always relaxing with a toddler and newborn, but its manageable, birthday parties, coffee catch ups and BBQ's etc.

Emmy loves "bubba" (she hasn't mastered the word Leo yet) she excitedly meets visitors and walks them in to show off her little brother. On a few occasions she has lifted up her top and pointed with her chest towards his head which is a little creepy but laughable at the same time... Oh don't worry we are responsible parents and have made sure we've taken heaps of photos to embarrass her of this at her 21st!

So we have survived the first two months ... yep he is two months old! A week ago he started smiling which melted our hearts, the little guy has started to tick off milestones.

Life is busy, but life is good!

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