"You two are amazing".

"Special child, special parents".

Without sounding like the great Greg 'Mo' Matthews and an Advanced Hair Studio advert yeah yeah we know that we are great (insert sarcasm here) but it's not all rainbows and butterflies in this household, we are just two parents trying to raise two kids, you guys just get to share our triumphs, failures and funny times along the way!

Heading into 2017, we thought c'mon life challenge us, 2016 was a bit easy, if only we had have known how hard the first six months were going to be.

So Emmy at twenty five months decided "Mum, Dad...I was your number one for almost two years, I've been a pretty good big sister so far but I need some focus back on me!".

Then those little words came out of her mouth " Emmy wee wee", so being the diligent parents we are we ignored her at first, after all we've had a bit going on so far this year and the odd chance to sit for five minutes and just enjoy the moment as a family is virtually non-existent at the moment so adding potty training to the mix really wasn't something that we were willing to entertain.

"She doesn't want to be potty trained she is too young right?!". So a few days later she spends the day with Aunty K and wears undies for the whole day, it was at that point that we realised that because someone else knows that she is ready to start that we can't ignore her anymore, so let the potty training being.

Surprisingly she is pretty good at it, a few accidents here and there, there was a week worth of the "pooping in potty is scary", us chasing her around the house like stalkers saying "potty Emmy potty?", high five-ing and cheering on a two year old like groupies.

My particular favourite was Emmy finally doing a poo for the first time, us celebrating like she'd split the atom and then asking her if she needed to go anymore to which she responded "Noooo', and then a stray nug nug falling from her behind onto the bathroom floor as she looked at me proudly for what she'd done.

Add to that Leo having a trip to the ED, X-rays and follow up appointments to confirm a mild case of bronchiolitis and to rule of pneumonia, Emmy continuing the ever so slow teething process, one tooth is a week worth of high temps and coughing all night, Leo having a second dose is bronchiolitis, Nomes & I having the flu and oh yeah let's start Leo on solids too! Hey parents out there, sound familiar?

Like any child, they all reach milestones at different times, to help Leo achieve his at appropriate times he does attend weekly paediatric physio appointments to help with this to help engage the specific muscle groups and ensure that his gross motor skills are fostered.

As well as milestones, when Leo was in breach he developed a flat spot on one side of his head, leading to him favouring that side and which also started to impact the strength in one of his eyes due to constantly looking in one direction. So one weekly appointment and two hours daily of home physio for the last eight weeks and Leo favouring one side has reduced significantly, he can now also roll front to back, side to front and his next goal is working on sitting up!

Leo's next specialist appointment is with Dr Feelgood for his six monthly check up and will have his first routine blood tests since he was born. So to dispel any myth Leo has Ds, he isn't suffering from it, it's not an illness and there isn't a cure it's simply a genetic disorder, so we don't you to confuse when we talk about medical appointments because most time they are simply to check on things or help his development which can sometimes occur or be delayed when you have Ds.

So it's been a busy few months, no busier than other families going through something similar or most families juggling multiple kidlets, but a few months nonetheless really no different to any typical family, just typical parents in a typical household battling the storm of solids, potty training, teething, rolling, tantrums ... but the positive news for all families going through something similar is that after the storm to remember that there sometimes can and often are rainbows, in this instance it's our little ray of sunshine, Emmy's brother Leo.

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